KVK, Nagpur has developed very strong linkages with following ICAR institutes, SAUS, line departments and NGOs for effective dissemination of viable, sustainable and economical technologies under ‘micro farming’ situation of Nagpur district.

1. Host Institute – CICR, Nagpur and its Regional stations at Coimbatore and Sirsa
2. National Bureau of Soil Survey & Land Use Planning, Nagpur
3. National Research Centre for Citrus, Nagpur
4. Dr. PDKV, Akola
5. Maharashtra Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Nagpur
6. College of Agriculture, Nagpur
7. Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur
8. DSAO, Nagpur/ATMA
9. District Animal Husbandry Officer, Nagpur
10. MAVIM, Nagpur
11. MCED, Nagpur
12. Department of Sericulture, Nagpur
13. NAABARD, Nagpur
14. Bank of India, Main Office, Nagpur
15. District Dairy Development Officer, Nagpur